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Originated from the 2007 Enterprise Data Processing Technology, founded in August 2012, is committed to Microsoft's office system standards for enterprise-level technical application consulting. After 6 years of development, it consolidated resources and business in October 2017, and optimized and upgraded to Chengdu Hero‘s Camp Software Co., Ltd., a company specialized in enterprise information management.

The company set up nearly six years to serve more than 20 state-owned enterprises of foreign enterprises, elite technical consulting nearly 100 people, after four years of college cooperation is continuing. Compared with similar services at home and abroad, we have the advantages of enterprise-level software technology consulting from the perspective of software developers. Based on this innovation, we gradually developed consulting services such as collections, consultants, etc., and applied for registration of related trademarks and copyrights.


Contact: RuoTian.Zhong

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Tel: 028-80000000

Email: gnglng@gmail.com

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